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Carolina Palella

Carolina Palella
I discovered Carolina through our Bravery scarf design competition last year. It stopped me scrolling and within a millisecond, I was in love. When it came to making the final decision, I had a few of my friends help and it was unanimous - we all bloody loved Carolina's scarf. 
Her work to me, feels like Italy - which makes sense as she's Italian! Vibrant colours, beautiful florals and a fair bit of fruit and veg. So order yourself an Aperol, a Cannoli and enjoy reading about this stunning scarf. 
Em x
A Moment of Transition scarf


Hi! My name is Carolina and I am an illustrator and artist born in Trani, a beautiful Italian city, specifically in Puglia, rich in history and culture overlooking the sea.

I am passionate about drawing, textiles, scarves, vintage, animals and nature.

I am a happy vegetarian.

I love living in Puglia with my two wonderful cats, Nina and Oreo, and I want to travel to learn about the world.

What is your earliest memory of art?

I have been passionate about drawing and art for as long as I can remember. Since kindergarten I used to draw a lot and help other children draw.

We love the warmth of the natural, earthy colors of the flowers in your and the blue and teal colors peeking out from behind. Does it have a name and a story?

Thank you, I'm glad you love my work!

This drawing is called A MOMENT OF TRANSITION.
It symbolises change, the transition from one state to another, from one season to another. Where elements of the past and present mingle, slowly making way for a new evolution.


Bravery Co A Moment of Transition scarf


Tell us about how you created it. 

I had an impromptu inspiration and an urgency to bring it to life. I was thinking about nature but its instinctual, direct part, without half-measures or nuances. So in this the digital technique allowed me to throw down the idea that then came to life naturally, following the impetus of the moment.

Emily Somers with A Moment of Transition scarf


Why do you like to use nature in your artwork. Does it have a symbolic meaning for you?

Exactly that.

Nature for me evokes possibility, renewal, moving forward, acceptance.

Flowers express beauty, delicacy and a sense of peace inherent in being comfortable in oneself, in their uniqueness. Perfect and not.

Fruit invokes abundance and wealth. In addition, nature offers endless colours and solutions to be inspired by!

In addition, nature offers endless colors and solutions to be inspired by!


What feelings do you hope your scarf will evoke in the wearer?

I hope it gives a sense of energy, of joy, of life. A drive to keep believing and striving, whatever challenges life presents. I also hope it helps one feel beautiful and confident.


Tell us where the Bravery community can seek out more of your
gorgeous artwork!
You can find me on instagram here!