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Bree Morrison

 Bree Morrison artist for Bravery Co


How can you not lose track of time staring at one of Bree's pieces? "Dancing in the Magic Dark” melds Australian landscapes with the rich array of colour that we are so lucky to find in its native flora. Her abstract composition and detailed brush strokes make for a truly spellbinding piece. My eyes are happy to keep circling the playful landscape and its kaleidoscope of colours for hours.

When Bree entered the #BraveryScarfComp2021 I immediately knew this would be a pretty special piece swirled around a warrior's head. And I was right! It's bloody fantastic - photo proof below! It’s hard not to feel inspired when leaving the house wearing something so special. 

I hope you get lost in this piece, enjoy reading Bree's story and love the scarf as much as we do. 

Emily x 

Bree Morrison scarf for Bravery Co.

Tell us a little bit about Bree Morrison!

Mt Name is Bree Morrison, I am an abstract landscape painter living in Sunbury Victoria. I grew up in a remote farming town in the southern Riverina in NSW. I grew up only a few meters from the banks of the river, and one of my favourite things to do as a kid was to sit on our verandah at dusk and watch the cockatoos and galahs come to nest and play in the tall red gums, my love of nature and landscape was born here. 

I complete a Bachelor of Fine Art with honours, and then went into teaching for almost 11 years before I started my own family. I didn't have a painting practise of my own during those years. My desire to paint was rekindled while I was on maternity leave with my eldest. I instinctively starting painting again as a way to help me through postpartum anxiety and depression. I knew then that painting was something I could not let go of again.

It feels very much like an Australian landscape and we adore how rich and vibrant the colours are in this piece! What inspired you to create this gorgeous design?

This piece was created right in the middle of the turbulent and unsettling time of lockdowns here in Melbourne. It was a piece spurred by my imagination and memories, of the longing and hope of being able to once again freely go out and visit and explore all the places I love, it brought so much joy and relief to my heart to create this piece in those chaotic times.

 Bree Morrison Bravery Co scarf collaboration with a cancer warrior

Talk us through how you went about creating the piece. (eg. Your mediums, how long it took to create etc.

"Dancing in the Magic Dark" was made over a few months as most of my works are. It is a mixed media piece created using a mix of acrylic paint, water soluble crayons oil pastels and oil stick. 

We know just how empowering it can be to wear a beautiful piece like the one you have created and feel amazing in it. What feelings do you hope it evokes for the wearer?

I hope that those who wear this piece feel the same sense of joy and relief in their hearts as creating this piece did for me.

Eva, a cancer warrior wearing Bree Morrison's headscarf

What motivated you to apply for the competition?

It was recommended to me by a fellow artist who thought my work would fit well.

I have not been personally impacted by cancer, however I have struggled for a long time with my mental health and wellbeing. Art nature and colour, with the energy and intention entwined in it, has been profound for my own healing. The idea that I could share something that can also help uplift others through dark times is what drew me to apply.

This specific piece for me is the story of a big life. One must ride to the crest of her mountains and follow down the valleys of her landscape. Both a metaphor for our ups and downs, and also for the craziness our paths each take.

What does it mean for you to have been selected?

I am so deeply honoured to have been selected and so excited to see the end result.

Where can we find more of your incredible work?

You can find me on insta and facebook