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Andrea Shaw

Andrea Shaw
Andrea has an incredible talent for capturing the great expanse and rough terrain of the Australian landscapes and simplifying them into basic shapes and playful blocks of colour. In the translation between real life and the abstracted, she doesn't lose the ability to convey the sense of awe and wonder you get staring at the real thing. Every time you look at one of her pieces your eye notices something new and charming. And that goes the same for her scarf design - Tickled Pink. 
We've chosen to release the Tickled Pink scarf during Breast Cancer month to honour Andrea's mum, from whom she inherited a her love of gardening which int turn inspired this scarf.

We hope you enjoy this scarf and getting to know Andrea a little better through her story below.

Em x

Tickled pink scarf

Hi I’m Andrea! I grew up outside of Bendigo on a sun-drenched property with some cows, a horse and some chooks. I was very outdoorsy and sporty growing up and didn’t ever know much about ‘the arts’ - except for the awesome crafts my mum taught me along with an appreciation for gardening. I came to textiles and art after living in the UK and Europe for a few years in my early twenties and learning this was actually a thing one could do as a career.

Living on the beautiful Victorian surf coast, how does the natural landscape you are surrounded by feed into your work? Can you tell us a little about your process?

I take a little sketchbook out with me on walks and often do speedy sketches of aspects within the landscape I find interesting. These little sketches form the starting point for all of my works back in the studio, I pin them up on the walls. Nature and Landscape are my biggest inspiration and points of reference.



What is the name of your beautiful scarf and how did you find inspiration for it? What does creating a scarf for warriors mean to you?

The scarf is called ‘Tickled Pink’, a playful term to mean happy. The inspiration for the scarf was my garden in bloom (last Spring) and the release is timely as it coincides with Spring this year and Breast Cancer Awareness month. I lost my mum to breast cancer in 2010 so both the timing of the scarf release and its inspiration are very close to my heart. My mum’s garden was a source of joy for her and she passed this appreciation on to us. 

Do you have a message you’d like to pass onto the warriors who wear your beautiful design?

I hope it brings joy, and that perhaps the metaphoric idea of seasons and spring can evoke hope, new beginnings and opportunity.



Where can we find more of your work???

You can follow my work on Instagram (@andrea_ _shaw) or via my website; or pop into Boom Gallery in Geelong.