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Struck with scarf shopping indecision? Maybe you're looking to expand your own wardrobe of colourful accessories, or, undergoing the tricky task of selecting the right one as a surprise for a special lady in your life. I know with our incredible line of up artists, we haven’t exactly made it easy!

Take the scarf quiz to find out which of our best-selling designer scarfs is fit for you!

Your friends would describe you as:

A) Bright, curious and always smiling. You have an energy that people are attracted to.
B) A girly girl who loves all things pretty and often in pink.
C) Eternally elegant and utterly stylish
D) Clever, handy and a bit outdoorsy
E) You're bold, loud and full of energy. You're known for having no filter and always the life of the party.

Your coffee order...?

A) Cappuccino at a place where all the baristas know your name.
B) A latte that comes with beautiful coffee art.
C) Long black.
D) Matcha.
E) Espresso Martini no matter the time of day. 

Your favourite season is:

A) If I had to pick, Summer.
B) Spring for all those pretty new blossoms.
C) Winter. Bring on cozy nights in.
D) Autumn. The change of seasons is the best.
E) Anything but Winter!

An ideal Saturday looks like:
A) Whatever you're doing - it's with friends! A long gossip filled walk, maybe a shopping day, or a movie night. Anything goes!
B) Your close girlfriends and a fancy high tea session with an expensive bottle of French Champagne please!
C) A long peruse of an art gallery.
D) A stroll through the botanical gardens with a picnic lunch.
E) Road tripping to another music festival while blasting some feel good tunes.

What does your wardrobe look like?

A) Eclectic, repping every colour of the rainbow
B) Plenty of dresses and pops of pink
C) Classic pieces you have invested in for years to come
D) Earthy toned staples and experimental accessories
E) Lots of graphic tees with BIG patterns and BRIGHT colours 

Pick your favourite cocktail 

A) A Cosmopolitan
B) Strawberry Daiquiri
C) A glass of red
D) A Negroni
E) Just one? How can you pick?! Impossible!

Pick your spirit animal

A) A rainbow lorikeet
B) A cat
C) A crane
D) A butterfly
E) A labrador 

Pick your dream holiday destination
A) Cinque Terre, Italy
B) The French Countryside
C) New York
D) Kyoto, Japan
E) Ibiza baby!



If you answered mostly As…

Wattle Warrior - For the colour lover 

Bravery Co. Wattle Warrior scarf

A bouquet of native blooms has their name written all over it. This is the perfect accessory for those who believe more is more when it comes to happy, mood-boosting colour with a timeless style. When they love a piece, they'll wear with any outfit, season after season, year after year. 


If you answered mostly Bs…

Field of Dreams - For the Floral QUEEN

She’s charming, she’s sweet and in touch with her feminine side. For ladies who like all things pink and floral and love nothing more than to sit amongst a garden of blooming flowers with a cup of tea and a book come springtime. 


If you answered mostly Cs…

Pachamama - For the Stylish and Sophisticated 

Bravery Co. pachamama scarf

This scarf is for ladies who ooze elegance and grace without even trying. They have a deep inner confidence that shines through and a serene energy that they bring into every room they enter. 

If you answered mostly Ds…

Moonlight Garden - The Down to Earth one

Bravery Co. Midnight Garden scarf

If she’s a bit of a garden lover, this is the scarf for her. She loves the great outdoors and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. And when it's time to get glam you’ll often see her donning gorgeous shades of green. 

If you answered mostly Es…

Fuuuuuuuck scarf - For the Sweary Sister

Fuuuuuuuck Bravery Co. scarf for cancer patients

This scarf is for someone loud and unashamedly proud, unafraid of bright colours and telling people what they think. We all know a leading lady in our lives who lets one slide every now and then. Hey, life is crazy (especially when there's cancer involved) and sometimes you just have to LET IT OUT! 


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