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So your white blood cell count is low, sunshine exposure is low and your energy levels (you guessed it!) are low as well. The LAST thing you need while in the midst of treatment is low self-confidence.

Enter my Bad B*tch Playlist - a curated collection of songs by wonderful women, selected to boost that mood back up to where it should be - through the roof! Whether in the car, on the couch or in the waiting room - turn it up as you’ll be amped and ready to show cancer who’s boss in no time! 

Em x



About Damn Time - Lizzo 

Opening with the lyric “It’s Bad Bitch O’clock”, we reckon it makes a for the perfect start to our playlist. Packed full of sass and drenched with disco beats, Lizzo brings all the positive vibes with her inkling that it's all “gonna be alright”.

 Heart Lines - Florence + The Machine

Warrior women unite for this terrific, tribal ballad. It would be remiss of us to leave out the powerhouse that is Florence in this line up of iconic female artists.

 Fight Song - Rachel Patten 

Sometimes it's good to feel like a zen master, keeping calm, cool and collected with some ambient sounds. Other times, it's worth head-banging along to some confidence fuelled, girl power lyrics. 

 Unstoppable - Lianne La Havas 

 This song is like a cosmic trip through a delightful jazzy soundscape. Her velvety vocals and ethereal instrumentals make for delightful daydreaming about all good things. 

 Free Yourself - Jessie Ware

Disco darling’s Jessie Ware single ‘Free Yourself’ is a self-empowerment anthem equally as fitting for the dance-floor as the chemo chair, featuring liberated, breathy vocals, and borrowing boppy rhythms from the early ‘80s. 

 Paper Planes - M.I.A 

 The lyric “I get high like planes” is referring to the in hospital happy drugs... right?  

COZY - Beyonce 

Beyonce telling you that you are a god and a hero? Need I say more? 

Don't be so Hard on Yourself - Jess Glynne

A message we should all tell ourselves a little more often, and also, a GREAT tune for an in chair groove.  

Proud Mary - Tina Turner

Turn it up with a classic Tina hit and harness her unshackled energy as she slowly works up to belting an undeniably empowering chorus.

Tina Turner winking at camera

Unstoppable – Sia

Aussie girl Sia belts like few others, this time telling you to armour up, show of how strong you are and know your power. Sia speaks, we listen!

No Tears Left to Cry – Ariana Grande

Shed a few tears recently? Yeah, me too. But that’s ok, hit play on Ariana and switch up the sadness with some sassy, upbeat sounds from this pop princess. 

Toxic - Britney Spears

It’s Britney, Bitch! 2000s nostalgia comes in full force here. Toxic - the perfect song to get you ready for the next chemo cocktail.

Royals – Lorde

Lorde is “in love with being queen” and you should be too. Gritty and grungy with glorious harmonies, listening to this song is an assured way to boost your ego in the best kind of way. 

Dog Days are Over – Florence + The Machine

Because it’s simply too hard to pick one song from Florence, here is a second. “Run fast for your mother, Run fast for your father, Run for you children, For your sisters and your brothers." 

Florence doing epic dancer move

Alors on Danse – Stromae

Dancing makes everything better, right? Especially in French. 

I am Woman – Helen Reddy

Harness all your womanly energy with this classic feminist anthem. You are strong, you are invincible. 

Shake it Off - Taylor Swift

There’s always time for some Tay Tay. A serotonin booster for when no thoughts or words are going to keep the crap feelings at bay. Shake them off!

Badass Woman – Meghan Trainor

Cheesy? Maybe. Motivating? EXTREMELY. Meghan Trainor is your imaginary cheerleader, backing you to be unapologetic about your brains, body and overall beauty. 

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