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What to pack in your Chemo Bag!

What to pack in your Chemo Bag!

Chemo sucks, we all know it. While helping you in the most powerful of ways, the treatment can really hit your mind and body for six. Some days will be harder than others, and to help you get through, we have created a go to list of things you can put in your chemo bag so you're prepared as can be for what a day in the chair might bring.

Let’s get into it!


Anti-nausea tablets – have Maxolon or Ondansetron on stand by to kick that queasy feeling right where it hurts! It was like a little safety blanket for me during my treatment and meant I wasn't on edge wondering if I was going to be ill. These went with me in every bag to any outing that saw me further than 5 metres past the house. 

Plastic Spew Bag – I never had to use it, but it made me feel okay knowing that it was right there if I ever needed a power chuck. Peace of mind means everything!

Lip balms – Chemo means your lips will be drier than the Nallarbor. (Anything MooGoo or Dermal Therapy works wonders!) 

Magazines – Waiting rooms have the worst magazine selections so indulge in whatever glossies you please. Sure, a trashy gossip one never goes astray but a good home design magazine is fun to pass the time transfixed by visually beautiful spaces, or, pick up my personal favourite, Frankie Magazine. 

Notepad – Chemo brain means my thoughts were often quickly forgotten. A handy dandy stack of paper and a pen are great to take notes for upcoming doctor's appointments and general (often the most basic!) life admin stuff. It may even become useful for a quick boredom doodle. 

Heat pack – If you’re having chemo through your veins, and they tend to be the pesky type that roll around, heat will help the nurses find them. Mine were so tricky to find so I would have the heat pack on before the nurse called me to the chemo ward. How cool are these ones from Bon Lux!

Bon Lux

Headphones – A good playlist can help get you through anything. Hey, we made one just for ya right here. Block out the horrible beeping/pumping noises of the chemo pump and listen to some anthems by ladies packing a powerful message. 

Eye mask – Sometimes you need a snooze while doing chemo at all hours of the day. Block out the rays and catch those Zs when the sleepies come on! Our mates at Lula make some awesome self heating ones! 

Water bottle – Hydration! Always! But particularly before chemo (to help those veins pop up) and during. Grab yourself something pretty like this one that you’ll want to have by your side as an emotional support water bottle from start to finish. 

Facial mist - A facial mist is a lovely way to refresh. Perfect for the days you didn't have energy to have a shower, keeping one handy is a great way to tap into aromatherapy and bring yourself some feelings of rejuvenation with very minimal effort. Aesop do a lovely one. (Please ignore suggestion if chemo has made you super sensitive to smells.)

Nail polish – There are some badass chemos out there that mess with your nails, so why not pass some time by kissing your fingertips with some colour. Grab five different shades and paint a rainbow on your hands for a dopamine inducing look! Love me some Kester Black as they're natural and breathable!

Blanket - Keep those chills at bay with a chunky, cozy blanket to wrap yourself up in. Like a big warm hug, we encourage you to find a bold and bright one like these to bring some pizzazz to paired back hospital rooms. 

A Good Book – Find yourself a page turner that will have your mind occupied for hours on end. Preferably something a little more light and upbeat because who needs more suspense/horror/thriller vibes when you already have enough!

Bag - You're going to need something to put your loot in. Did you know we make some sweet 'fuck cancer' totes? Pretty sure we nailed the brief with these ones! 

BONUS! Bring friends! Put them on a roster and, when you're up to it, you can gasbag away as you would anywhere else. 


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