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Kasey Rainbow

Kasey Rainbow is a HOT name in the Australian design world. The Brisbane-based creative uses quirky patterns and vibrant colours to champion the ethos that we should aim to "live bright", even on the darkest of days. We at Bravery definitely share in this belief and clearly YOU, our Bravery community, do too!  "Electric Zee" was a clear favourite in our design competition and we are so thrilled to have brought it to life. We hope that every time you wear it you get a shot of dopamine and an unshakeable smile to carry with you throughout your day.

Em X

You are known for your LOVE of colour (one of our mutual passions), BOLD prints and your playful approach to design. What is your first memory of creating?

I have loved creating for as long as I can remember! Art was always my favourite subject in school. My first memories would be finger painting back in preschool. I always love getting hands on in my work and getting as messy as possible haha.

We are big believers in colour and its power to uplift and brighten someone’s mood. As an advocate for mental health and having spoken about your experiences with mental illness, tell us how both creating and immersing yourself in art has influenced your wellbeing. 

Art for me is definitely a form of therapy. I have created my brightest, boldest prints in my darkest of days, as they help bring me back to life. Knowing that my work helps others escape that darkness also makes my heart happy.

Can you tell us about your scarf design. What does Electric Zee mean? 

Electric Zee is the cousin print to my most known design of Electric Leopard. She is beautiful in her own right and represents those of us who may feel like we live in the shadows, but in fact, shine the brightest.

What message would you like to send to the warriors who will wear your design?

To the warriors - wear this design with courage in your heart and a smile on your face, because you are strong and beautiful on the inside AND out.

You have worked with BIG brands including Boost and Peter Alexander – what’s next for Kasey Rainbow?

Who knows!? Haha. This year has been a real rollercoaster for me. But my main focus at the moment is building and growing my kids brand - Kutopia. Helping and empowering kids has always been my passion (and the reason I got into this creative journey actually) and so after years of tangents I am finally going back to what brings me the most joy. I will definitely still be around to bring people colourful collaborations though!

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