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Why swearing is (f*!#ing) good for you.

Why swearing is (f*!#ing) good for you.

As a 3 x cancer warrior, I've certainly done my fair share of swearing! Nothing quite encapsulates the gravitas of the situation more than dropping a few F words. It's satisfying and helps release some of the anger/heart break/frustration of it all.
But did you know it was actually good for you?!?

I've consulted an expert on cancer and swearing (myself) and also compiled some evidence to suggest that a little bit of swearing doesn't hurt, but could instead actually help!


1. Swearing is thought to improve pain tolerance.
It turns out dropping a f-bomb here and there has a physiological impact on the body, both increasing adrenaline in the blood stream to prep the body for defence and also creating an analgesic response, whereby the brain's ability to register pain is inhibited. (Noted for the next time the nurse can't find my veins!)

2. Swearing can lower anxiety and depression.
There is a reason we swear more when we are stressed out. Research suggests it works to release pent up emotions and relieve tension in the body when faced with challenges. 

3. Trust me.... 
People who swear are thought to be more trustworthy. A study, which is to be published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, concluded “a consistent positive relationship between profanity and honesty; profanity was associated with less lying and deception at the individual level and with higher integrity at the society level”. 

4. They f*cking get it! (One for the support crew!)
Don't know what to say when a loved one is diagnosed? I always found that dropping a few swear words throughout messages of support makes it feel like you understand and acknowledge the seriousness of the shit show. While there are always going to be room for tears, love and hugs, sometimes a session of raging is just as needed. The f-bomb can make your loved one feel seen and relieved to share the bottled up anger at the dodgy hand of cards you've been dealt. 

5. A word for every bloody occasion
The F-bomb is just oh so versatile. F*CK yes for some good scan results. F*CK no for when someone asks if you can be bothered doing something after chemo. F*CKKKKK for a nasty injection. 

6. Smarty pants
Rumour has it (and research), the more intelligent you are, the more you swear. And that has GOT to be a point of pride.

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