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Makeup during cancer treatment with Amy Hughes

Makeup during cancer treatment with Amy Hughes

MAKEUP. It can do wonders for how you feel, even when you've already woken up feeling fricken fantasticBut it wasn't until cancer came-a-knocking and chemo became part of my routine, that I properly understood how a little makeup can go a long way in putting a bit of pep back in your step. 

Now, by NO means am I saying that makeup is a critical step to feel good about yourself during treatment. But when the lovely Amy, beauty expert and cancer warrior, got in touch wanting to share her wisdom on pampering during treatment, I thought there might be some tips and tricks that would help some of you on the days you want to wear make-up.

Here is a video (featuring our Pachamama scarf!) where she takes you through her routine, right from skincare to lashes, offering you some helpful tips to make you feel more fresh and in control of how you look!


Here is a breakdown of her “chemo friendly, hair loss friendly, uplifting” makeup routine!

Hydration Station - Chemo can give you some seriously dry and thirsty skin. Amy sleeps with an oil every night - she recommends a simple jojoba which is super replenishing and packed with antioxidants. She applies the oil all over the face, neck and scalp before bed so it can do all the heavy lifting while you catch some Zs!

Prep + Protect - “Pre-makeup, you want to apply something to give you a hydration boost, but also help soothe your skin”, Amy says. Choosing a simple moisturiser with ingredients that are calming to sensitive skin rather than packed with active ingredients is important. Also, be extra diligent with your sunscreen use during chemo as your skin is more vulnerable to UV damage. Both of these steps, along with a swipe of lip balm, will give you a gorgeous and glowy base for your makeup too. 

Bring on the Base -  Depending on how much coverage you like, a foundation, a tinted moisturiser or BB cream will help even out your skin tone and brighten your complexion. Amy likes a stick foundation for ease of application and portability, which works best when buffed in with a brush for a flawless finish.

Colour Time - If you’re wanting to add some dimension to your face, take a matte bronzer and sweep it under the cheekbones up to your ear and around the forehead. This is contouring! If you’re using something with a bit of sparkle, pop it on top of your cheekbones for an extra glow. A bit of blush over the apples of your cheeks also works to give you a “nice natural flush”. Pop some on your nose and eye crease too if you feel like experimenting!

Raise your Eyebrows - Amy got her brows microbladed before she started treatment. But if you didn't, fear not! “If you have lost your brows, have a look for the flat surface (I promise there is one!) where your brows were and have a play with creating a brow shape.” Using a brow gel or pencil, begin at the bushy front of your brow and work down to the tail, flicking the brush from the base up to make sure it looks natural. “If these options are still tricky I have found a stencil.” And then there are also eyebrow transfers, much like temporary tattoos - “I do love that these are waterproof!”

Tackling the Lash Line - “You can use any angled brush to either swipe over a brown liner or dip a wet brush into a brown shadow. Stamp over the lash line, and tickle back and forth, gently building up colour and definition. You can then blend over this gently with a finger or brush.” Another option Amy offers is to grab “a creamy kohl pencil” and draw “very small and round dots across the lash line, again budding over with a finger or small detail brush”. 

Amy speaks from experience when she says that this is “all about 5-10 mins of reclaiming you time and looking in the mirror with kindness, love, and acceptance. It might not work every day but wrap that gorgeous scarf, put on those earrings, hold up that head high and know that today you have done a good thing for you.”

For more of Amy’s natural beauty, and self love club goodness find her on instagram where she shares many makeup and mindfulness tips, and get lots more free content at the self love club.  Use code AMYWRITES15 for a discount at Eye Of Horus.

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